The Shallows – Brand New Trailer!

The ocean is a scary place. A terrifying and scary place. In fact, the ocean boggles our minds a lot because we haven’t explored enough of it: An endless cavern of water that we’ve paddled in less of than we have of space. Hear that? We understand more of the stars above than the worlds below.

So, there is natural terror when it comes to the oceans and tense film The Shallowslooks to capture that.

The film stars Blake Lively as Nancy, a surfer on a secluded beach who is attacked by a great white shark and stranded just a short distance from shore. With salvation 200 yards away, it looks to be a simple swim over; that’s if the vicious creature wasn’t circling…

Blake Lively has matured as a vibrant and prominent actress so having her helm such an engaging thriller is the best thing for this film. There has been a lot of success with thrillers on the sea and this will, hopefully, match the likes of Open Water for its taut, palpitating thrills.

What do you think?


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