The Ultimate Studio Ghibli Countdown

Studio Ghibli have taken a bow. The Japanese animation studios is bidding us farewell with When Marnie Was There, (which is out in cinemas now). Though we hope this isn’t forever parting, the sad news that our yearly dose of evocative, beautiful, and yearning films have ceased to be has glazed our eyeballs with an undeniable sorrow. For decades, we have been immersed in their … Continue reading The Ultimate Studio Ghibli Countdown

Ice Age: Collision Course – “Sid Proposes” Clip

Animated sequels are indeed the fashion nowadays. We’re re-visiting Kung-Fu masters, furry popstars, and the deep blue sea all over again as we are inundated with a whole heap of colour cohorts with our favourite characters. Now we’re going back in time – again – with a mammouth, sabre-tooth tiger, and sloth as they try to survive a bloody great big meteor. Oh boy… This … Continue reading Ice Age: Collision Course – “Sid Proposes” Clip

Southside With You – Trailer!

This trailer has already been out for over a month, so how come we’ve only just seen this? Because we are fools. That’s why. As we say goodbye to the best presidential couple ever (and by far the coolest) Miramax have released a brand new film, showing us the first time they had ever met. Yes, we’re talking the Obamas and Southside With You sees … Continue reading Southside With You – Trailer!

The Best of Gary Marshall and Julia Roberts

Following Pretty Woman in 1990, actress Julia Roberts has starred in a new film by director Garry Marshall every decade. To celebrate the release of their fourth collaboration: MOTHER’S DAY, in cinemas on 10 June, we’re taking a look at their previous films… Pretty Woman (1990) Julia Roberts stars alongside Richard Gere in this modern Cinderella story. Edward Lewis (Gere) hires an escort (Roberts) to … Continue reading The Best of Gary Marshall and Julia Roberts

Mother’s Day – Brand New Clips

Ah yes, Mother’s Day. A brand new film from the director of Pretty Woman. One that is drowning in thin sentimentality and utterly crap characterisation. That film! Well you can rejoice because it comes out in cinemas today which means we won’t be blighted by clips, posters, or adverts for very much longer! Starring Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Britt Robertson, and Jason Sudeikis, Mother’s … Continue reading Mother’s Day – Brand New Clips

The Stanford Prison Experiment – Review

Before ethical committees got too involved, psychological experiments could include some pretty fucked up stuff. Causing physical and emotional pain to both humans and animals was often considered just part of the process. If you were to type ‘unethical psychology studies’ into Google or Bing (ha!) the top ten is pretty much the same wherever you look. Milgram will get a mention for comparing university … Continue reading The Stanford Prison Experiment – Review