Mother’s Day – Brand New Clips

Ah yes, Mother’s Day. A brand new film from the director of Pretty Woman. One that is drowning in thin sentimentality and utterly crap characterisation. That film!

Well you can rejoice because it comes out in cinemas today which means we won’t be blighted by clips, posters, or adverts for very much longer!

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Britt Robertson, and Jason Sudeikis, Mother’s Day revolves around different family units leading up to the day of mummy’s everywhere. Sandy is recently divorced and has to battle for popularity with her ex-husband’s younger wife Tina. Julia Roberts is not a mum, or so she thinks, and has chosen a career rather than a family. Kristin is a young mum who is shirking the responsibility of marriage to her boyfriend Zack because she never knew her real mother (you know where this is going.) Jesse hasn’t seen her mum for some time because they never agreed with her marriage to Russell – an Indian doctor. And Bradley is a single father – recently widowed – trying to fill the gap his wife left. And therefore hijinks ensue.

Here are the latest clips. If you are looking forward to the film, then enjoy. But, frankly, the film is utter nonsense and, hopefully, it can leave us alone.


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