Pete’s Dragon – Brand New Trailer!

Now, I have to be honest here – I don’t like  the original Pete’s Dragon. Of all the movies in the Disney catalogue, it’s the one that irritates me most. The songs, the characters, the story – it was just a big pile of annoyance, wrapped in irritation, and marketed to children. But I’ll give kudos to Disney…

They’ve somehow manage to make Pete’s Dragon worse.

The film revolves around a boy who has lived in the woods for six years. Soon he is found by people and rescued, but along the way, they find he wasn’t completely alone in the woods and some fun is about to happen.

For some reason, they’ve stripped a lot of the colour and fun back from the story – considering that Pete’s Dragon was a spectacle of spectrum. The film also stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, and Karl Urban – all cashing in their cheques.


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