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Edinburgh International Film Festival: Bernie and Rebecca – Short Film Review

We’ve all been on those dates where our minds, hopes, and dreams have run away with us. The trepidation beating fast in your chest as you wait for your possible future to walk around the corner always sparks the fantastical that whir in your mind. Though one always cautions to keep your idyllic dreaming at bay, you’d always end up wondering “what if this person was the one?”

Of course, you’d never say this out loud. Your prospective soulmate may be put off by your ramblings of engagements and babies before the pre-dinner wine had been poured. However, in the case of Bernie and Rebecca, the blind date takes an unusual turn as the pair fervently discuss their plans for the future. Can it unravel their promising relationship or will it spark the coupling of their dreams?

Directed by Melissa Kent, the acclaimed editors directorial debut, and starring Brianna Barnes and Kyle Davis, Bernie and Rebecca is a soft and sweet short film. Appearing at Edinburgh International Film Festival tomorrow, the film has a lot of sentiments and takes a quirky look at first dates and romantic fancying. Barnes and Davis really do have natural chemistry with one another and while there are more surreal moments that feel out of place here (why did she has to strip down to her nightgown in order to regale their fantasy future?), the pair keep it held together in a wistful way that we can all resonate with. The other issue is that the story is all too familiar and there are cheesy moments that don’t pulp or flesh out a drive to watch this film.

The tender, poignant, and evocatively shot, Bernie and Rebecca is a great and hazy look at the intricacies of dating and that road you navigate when you are trying to find the one that you loved. Kent delves into our souls and as cheesy as that may be, it’s still a lovely watch.



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