The Colony – Brand New Clips

When you are the face of a franchise, you may find it hard to escape the popular character that once wore your face. That is why Emma Watson is choosing more independent and daring films to help shake away the Hermione tag she’ll probably have all her life.

Watson stars alongside Daniel Bruhl, The Colony mixes Cold War antics and cults to provide a rich and chunky story. It revolves around flight attendant Lena whose boyfriend Daniel is kidnapped by the Government for creating images in support of President Salvador Allende. Helping find him, Lena travels to the colony to offer herself to fascist sect and sinister minister Paul Schafer who’s holding him captive. There, a battle of wits and determination ensures.

These latest clips see the danger and severity that the couple are in as well as the enduring love that they have for one another. The film could be an evocative and harrowing true story cinematic adventure. Sure enough, this is one aspect of human history that we haven’t known and must!


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