Orange Is The New Black – Season 3 Overview

I’m guessing that most people have been sat there, frothing at the mouth and overcome by the awesomeness that is Orange is the New Black, which is soon to re-enter our lives all over again tomorrow. The previous season had come with a lot of promise after two stellar seasons before it, so it’s natural that there was a lot of pressure that it couldn’t … Continue reading Orange Is The New Black – Season 3 Overview

Macbeth Unhinged – Review

Macbeth is one of Shakespeare’s classic works which means media will reproduce it as much as possible. The Baird’s work has been produced for the big screen quite a few times. One of the more notable depictions is Orson Welles’ terrific but underseen gloomy directorial, which was easily one of best interpretations. But Justin Kurzel’s Scottish romp really takes home the prize. Gloriously flourished with … Continue reading Macbeth Unhinged – Review

Swallows and Amazons – Brand New Trailer!

There is nothing better than a family based adventure room. Between The Railway Children and The Chronicles of Narnia, children have Swallows and Amazons revolves around a family of five – a mother and four children – who look to escape to the countryside. Finding an island, they soon claim it as their own, having bouts of adventures until they meet an opposing family and … Continue reading Swallows and Amazons – Brand New Trailer!

The Girl King – Review

There are turning and toiling movies surrounding royalty and aristocracy. In fact, a large chunk of the British film industry comes from pilfering the history of our monarchy. The fascination with families and marriages that would rule a kingdom and live in the utmost luxury will populate our cinematic history as long as we fantasize about princesses and kingdoms far, far away. Of course, if … Continue reading The Girl King – Review