Storks – Brand New Trailer!

Have you ever wondered where babies come from?

Of course you haven’t, assuming that we are all adults here who know that when a mummy and a daddy really love each other, they hug one another really tight and then – iffy iffy iffy part – a baby arrives! HOORAY!

One of the long-time narratives was that a stork delivered the child and Warner Brothers have taken the idea and run with it, crafting this surprisingly brilliant film Storks.

The film revolves around a stork corporation who have turned into package delivery instead of the old baby business. When Junior accidentally creates a baby, he teams up with orphan Tulip to help find the child a home!

With Andy Samberg leading the voicing talent (which includes Kelsey Grammer, Key and Peale, Jennifer Aniston, and Ty Burrell, Storks has an impressive collection of comedic voices. And, honestly, this looks bloody brilliant, hilarious, and different completely. The dude behind it, Nicholas Soller also helped produce The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted and directed Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

In short, I didn’t expect to, but I really want to see Storks.


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