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Ice Age: Collision Course – Brand New Trailer!

Children’s films – or animated films to be more precise – can go two ways; They can be endearing pieces of artistry with an exciting story-line or they are excitable ADHD ridden spectacles usually 25th in a line of sequel. In other words, they can be pants or shite – and you’re children won’t know the different nor will they care. I’m thinking about you, poor parents, and the stuff you are going to have to sit through. Because, by lord, you’ll be wondering with this dozy of a film – what the eff is this? (Eff because of the kiddie-winks.)

Ice Age: Collision Course has a plot like so; there is something about a meteor and our favourite animals who are miraculously surviving everything that fucking killed them off in the first place.

So, I have to reiterate my question: What the eff is this?

And why the eff am I laughing?

More importantly, why am I secretly looking forward to this?


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