Amma Asante’s A United Kingdom to open the BFI London Film Festival 2016!

BFI London Film Festival is THE place to go when you want to watch evocative cinema. Despite a tirade of film festivals coming our way throughout the year, London Film Festival (LFF) has always stood out. Time and time again, we revel in the gloriousness that is the

And now the opening film for 2016’s season has been announced! Drum roll please….

It is Amma Asante’s A United Kingdom.

Fitting, isn’t it?

A United Kingdom stars Rosamund Pyke and David Oyelowo (dream casting right there) and revolves around Seretse Khama, King of Bechuanaland and Ruth Williams, the London office worker he married. The pair have to navigate fierce opposition, not just from their family and friends, but from the British and South African governments!

Amma Asante is a glorious film director who has produced spectacular work countlessly. Her biggest film to date is Belle which is a bloody brilliant historical drama. Asante scooped up the BAFTA for promising newcomer for her debut A Way of Life too.  With an evocative story, and a magnificent cast, this is second LFF opener directed by a woman and the first opening film directed by a black woman!

Clare Stewart, London Film Festival director, says “Amma Asante’s A United Kingdom is testament to a defiant and enduring love story that also reveals a complex, painful chapter in British history. We are proud to be opening the 60th BFI London Film Festival with a film of such contemporary relevance, one that celebrates the triumph of love and intelligence over intolerance and oppression, and that confirms Asante as a distinctive and important British filmmaker.”

Whilst Asante also commented saying: “It’s a great privilege that ‘A United Kingdom’ has been selected as the opening night film of the BFI London Film Festival. The festival means a lot to me personally, having showcased my first film, A Way of Life, here and been honoured with the U.K. Film Talent Award. I’m a proud Londoner and in A United Kingdom we’ve been able to film in some of the most beautiful parts of the city as well as in the wonderful landscapes of Botswana.”

What do you think of the announcement?


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