Finding Dory – Brand New Clip!

Pixar definitely is one of the best cinematic studios who have given us so much because they adore telling stories. This year is no different, with the incredible Inside Out hitting us right in the feels and the roaring spectacle of The Good Dinosaur stomping back into our worlds. Although, there has been fair few sequels recently, their originality is back and making us all feel gooey inside. However, there is one movie sequel we can’t completely wait for and that’s….erm….oh…we forget….


That’s it.

Anyway, the film is set six months after the first movie where Dory suddenly remembers all about her childhood and sets off to find her estranged family with the help of Marlin and Nemo. On the way, she meets creatures Baily, a white beluga whale, Destiny, a whale shark, and Hank the octopus, who all become her guide…

With the tagline “She just kept swimming” (which we can’t help hear in Samuel Jackson’s voice) and the return of Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, and the introduction of Ty Burrell (everyone’s favourite Dad actor), our blue little forgetful pal is here to happily tantalise and excite us, Finding Dory could be this years best film to take us into the depths of comedy and make many waves.

Also – this clips is all about baby Dory.



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