Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – Brand New Trailer!

So the trailer is here. Yes Jack Reacher, an action film that I am pretty sure nobody watched has returned to our screens and, frankly, it looks just as dull and uninspiring as the previous entry. Although Tom Cruise certainly looks excited to be back in the role. Never Go Back, alarmingly not a dance competition film featuring Cruise, revolves around our least favourite spy … Continue reading Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – Brand New Trailer!

Barry Lyndon – BFI Trailer!

BFI’s restoration team is certainly one of the best. Often they grab historical pieces of cinematic art and pull modern audiences into screens to witness the movies in all their glory. From Orson Welles to Stephen Spielberg, decorated artists and pioneers of industry are celebrated! The BFI, now, have tackled Staley Kubrick;s Oscar and BAFTA winning masterpiece Barry Lyndon. And here is a brand new … Continue reading Barry Lyndon – BFI Trailer!

Looking: The Movie – Brand New Trailer!

For those who don’t know about Looking, the HBO show was a critically acclaimed series that was unfortunately cancelled after three seasons because – a lot of the time – studio executives don’t know shit. To answer the questions the last season left us, there will be a brand new film. Looking: The Movie revolves around three close friends who are living in San Francisco … Continue reading Looking: The Movie – Brand New Trailer!

American Honey – Brand New Trailer!

Andrea Arnold is one of our best directors. Without a doubt. The director has crafted some impossible provocative films from Fish Tank to Wasp and recently picked up the Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival with this astonishing film – American Honey which now has a brand new trailer! Starring Sasha Lane, Riley Keough, and Shia LeBeouf, the film revolves around a teenage girl who … Continue reading American Honey – Brand New Trailer!

The Birth of a Nation – Brand New Trailer!

The Birth of a Nation follows the true story of Nat Turner (writer/director Nate Parker), a slave and preacher in Southampton, Virginia. After reaching an agreement with his owner, Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer), who is in the crux of a personal financial crisis, Nat agrees to use his preaching to subdue unruly slaves – resulting in his witnessing countless acts of violence (as well as … Continue reading The Birth of a Nation – Brand New Trailer!