Inferno – Brand New Trailer!

It’s getting hot in here. So let’s solve some crimes. It is getting so hot, we’re gonna call Tom Hanks in… Yes, that’s right! We’ve got a brand new trailer for Inferno, the latest religious mystery romp from Dan Brown (the novelist behind the film) and Ron Howard (the director). Inferno revolves around Robert Langon, a symbolist who must unravel the biggest game of treasure … Continue reading Inferno – Brand New Trailer!

Stealing Cars – Brand New Clip!

Stealing Cars is a bad thing. A bad, bad thing. And if you didn’t know that it was a bad thing, here’s a brand new film starring William H. Macy and Emery Cohen! From executive producer Mark Wahlberg, the film revolves around a rebellious teenager who gets caught up with police for stealing cars. Sent to a juvenile prison, he inspires his cell mates to … Continue reading Stealing Cars – Brand New Clip!

Eternity – Brand New Trailer!

Humans. We’re a tricky bastards, aren’t we? We go through a whole heap of emotions and events that denote our lives. Then we wither and die. Sorry to put it so bluntly but that’s the most mysterious part of life – living and dying in a cycle that spans thousands of years. Starring Audrey Tautou, Berenice Bejo, and Melaine Laurent and directed by Tran Anh … Continue reading Eternity – Brand New Trailer!

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Release Trailer

Dawn of the Justice split people down the middle. Critics and audiences alike churned over the latest release until there was nothing left. And now, we’re getting an ultimate edition to take home with us. Ultimate said exactly like Batman. For those who don’t know, because you’ve perhaps been living under some Kryptonite, the movie stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill as the titular heroes. … Continue reading Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Release Trailer

Open City Documentary Film Festival: Mallory – Review

‘No one gives a rat about me’ are the initial few words to escape the recovering drug addict that is Mallory. A line spoken that is both heartbreaking and dripping in truth as we witness Czech filmmaker Helena Trestikova’s 13 yearlong documentary about this woman’s devastating life. A tale of rejection and determination that is sure to make some of the right noises when screened … Continue reading Open City Documentary Film Festival: Mallory – Review

East End Film Festival: Baskin – Review

From director Can Evrenol comes his first feature film Baskin, which follows a squad of police officers who go through a trap door to Hell when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building. The film possesses elements of the horror and fantasy genres, but there’s also something very surrealistic about it too. It’s a very weird film, but most certainly not in … Continue reading East End Film Festival: Baskin – Review