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Lights Out – Brand New Trailer!

Horror trailers can often be scarier than the actual product. Throwing in small bouts of tension with large freaky jump-scares, seeing the footage could leave your soul leaping out of your stomach, vowing never to watch the film – ever.

Lights Out is one of those films. Starring Teresa Palmer, the film revolves Rebecca who is having the worst time when her childhood fears come back to haunt her and her little brother Martin. Especially as there’s a monster who appears only when the lights go off…

Look, I’m a massive wimp so I’m not going to watch the trailer. I assume it’s scary and I can sense the product, based on a short film by director David F. Sandberg that kept me awake for a very long time, is going to do the same. Apparently, the trailer is a little bit spoiler-y so you have been warned!

Let me know what it’s like.


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