Star Trek Beyond – Final Trailer!

When it comes to summer blockbusters, there is a whole bunch to get excited for. Suicide Squad, The BFG, Ghostbusters amongst the season’s biggest releases. But, let’s not forget about Star Trek Beyond because, let’s face it, we all kind of did.

Star Trek Beyond sees director Justin Lin take the director’s chair as Kirk and his crew face their biggest challenge yet. As they explore unchartered space, they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts everything they stand for to test.

There is a tender haze of sadness surrounding the film as we remember the tragic loss of Anton Yelchin and this surely looks to immortalise his memory.  The latest trailer – as well as Rihanna’s sci-fi single for the film Sledgehammer – has much more of an epic grandiose element to this film, causing ripples of goose-bumps down your spine.

What do you think?


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