Pottermore: Get sorted at Wizarding house of Illvermorny

There is lots to be excited for about the upcoming release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I mean. It’s brand new Harry Potter, y’all. For anyone who felt the heart crushing sorrow, like a Dementor’s kiss, when Harry finally bid farewell to Hogwarts and all its hijinks,

Not satisfied with leaving the wizarding world there, J.K. Rowling has helped cultivate play The Cursed Child and upcoming the aforementioned prequel adventure. She has even titillated us more than a Ridikulous spell ever could be producing more writing on the ever immersive website Pottermore.

Yes, not only are there more tales about America’s wizarding world and what’s more, you can get sorted into a house at the Stateside school Illvermorny!

How cool is that?

Let us know what your house is!


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