Why Him? – Brand New Trailer!

Meeting the parents is one of the most nerve-wracking moments in anyone’s life. You really want to impress them and not seem like too much of a dickhead the minute you walk through the door. You supress every animal instinct within you (and all the gas you have brewing too) and gurn your way through your manners as though you were a Downton Abbey butler. … Continue reading Why Him? – Brand New Trailer!

East End Film Festival: The Darkest Universe – Review

To the bereavement and bewilderment of their loved ones, thousands of people go missing every year. The phenomenon is strange, peculiar, and tragic. For some, they are scurried away by vile people and their identities are lost forever, out there without the home they once knew and living horrid lives. For others, they simply do not want to be found, as though they were lifted … Continue reading East End Film Festival: The Darkest Universe – Review

Game of Thrones – Season Six Overview (Spoilers)

Another year, another season of Game of Thrones is done and dusted, and sweet Jesus it was a good one. After the crushing disappointment that was Season Five, the show bounced back immediately and to an unbelievable standard. Let’s talk about why Season Six was so damn good. Well, first of all, they brought back everyone. In this season we caught up with Bran, Meera, Hodor, Rickon, … Continue reading Game of Thrones – Season Six Overview (Spoilers)

Nerve – Brand New Clips and TV Spots

What is the stupidest thing you’ve done for money or popularity? Go on…we’ve all got a store. Maybe you drank a pint filled with lots of awful liquids or maybe you’ve streaked naked in a public place or maybe you kissed a stranger. We’ve all been there and we’ve all done it for whatever reason…. But you’ve never played a game like Nerve. Starring alongside … Continue reading Nerve – Brand New Clips and TV Spots

Star Trek Beyond – Rihanna Featurette

When you think of artists who could soundtrack the latest Star Trek film, Rihanna would be the last on our minds. Though when you listen to the song in the trailer, you can tell that it is superbly fitting. Star Trek Beyond sees director Justin Lin take the director’s chair as Kirk and his crew face their biggest challenge yet. As they explore unchartered space, they … Continue reading Star Trek Beyond – Rihanna Featurette

Tallulah – Brand New Trailer!

Netflix continues to showcase an art for crafting fantastic films and they look to continue that with Tallulah. Ellen Page plays the titular character, affectionately named Lu who is living in a van after her ex stole all her money. After gathering information on him, she discovers a mother who is neglecting her baby, Tallulah decides to rescue the child and go to Margo for … Continue reading Tallulah – Brand New Trailer!