Why Him? – Brand New Trailer!

Meeting the parents is one of the most nerve-wracking moments in anyone’s life. You really want to impress them and not seem like too much of a dickhead the minute you walk through the door. You supress every animal instinct within you (and all the gas you have brewing too) and gurn your way through your manners as though you were a Downton Abbey butler.

Imagine how panic ridden the parents are though. Here’s a child that you have raised for years and they have shacked up with a lowlife?

That’s the premise for Why Him?

Following the same hijinks and hoopla that made the likes of Look Who’s Come to Dinner and Meet the Fockers, the film revolves around Ned, an overprotective dad with a daughter who is dating douchebag billionaire Laird. As the pair bond, the latter is determined to win the former over… but Ned has other ideas…

With Bryan Cranston and James Franco taking the leads here, there is a lot of hope that this film could do well. The comedy is a little too shticky and sitcom-y for a feature film but if you don’t look at a Bryan Cranston project and quiver with excitement, then there is something very wrong with you…


East End Film Festival: The Darkest Universe – Review

To the bereavement and bewilderment of their loved ones, thousands of people go missing every year. The phenomenon is strange, peculiar, and tragic. For some, they are scurried away by vile people and their identities are lost forever, out there without the home they once knew and living horrid lives. For others, they simply do not want to be found, as though they were lifted into another plane and their existence evaporated.

The point is that missing peoples and the impact their vanishing has on those close to them has always echoed of pain and mystery

Clever young filmmakers Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley create an alluring, unusual, and utterly compelling film as The Darkest Universe that looks at those who simply disappear.

The film revolves around Zac, a young conservative banker whose eccentric younger sister Alice has gone missing alongside her boyfriend Toby. Being the last person to see her, waving them goodbye on Regent’s Canal, Zac is determined to find the couple – setting up a website and a daily vlog as well as trawling the rivers and canals of England to hunt them down. As the days drawl by, Zac’s efforts dwindle into desperation as the case looks harder and harder to solve.

Sharpe and Kingsley worked together previously on the BAFTA award winning film Black Pond but truly, with The Darkest Universe, they have crafted an intricate, visceral, and darkly comic dramatic piece. Whilst the ambiguous genre may placate the earnestness behind it, the pair navigate the uneasy waters to steer a truly masterful cinematic ship (or canal boat.) By combing an intriguing character study of Zac with the mysterious elements of Alice’s disappearance and the struggle to keep her name on the minds of investigating police and the public, the directing duo combine many different emotions – from the macabre to the mystical.

Though this atmosphere enhances an evocative watch and, indeed, puts Sharpe and Kingsley at the forefront of young British indie filmmaking, it’s the former’s performance as Zac that is really work investing in here. Juxtaposing his increasingly frenzied search for Alice with the events that led to that fateful day, the central character is fleshed out in a believable yet wrought manner. Intersecting the film with these two timelines shows an effortless understanding of the story as well as the character. Zac’s insistence on shaping Alice into a fully round contributing member of society almost paves the way for her to abscond with her kindred spirit Toby, as Zac disintegrates his own relationships whilst Alice’s flourish. It sets Zac on an even more desperate search and shapes the film into a stirring, unequivocally unique one that explores the characters at the centre of the story much more than the story that encompasses them.

The emotions surrounding The Darkest Universe is palpable and never overstretched. Every second beats with importance and it’s hard to not want to share in Zac’s misery by hoping, with unbridled anguish too, that Alice returns to her brother.

The Darkest Universe is a testament to British filmmaking of today and a complete must see.


Game of Thrones – Season Six Overview (Spoilers)

Another year, another season of Game of Thrones is done and dusted, and sweet Jesus it was a good one. After the crushing disappointment that was Season Five, the show bounced back immediately and to an unbelievable standard.

Let’s talk about why Season Six was so damn good.

Well, first of all, they brought back everyone. In this season we caught up with Bran, Meera, Hodor, Rickon, Osha, Benjen Stark, The Hound, Walder Frey, Edmure Tully, Brynden Tully, and probably more people that I’m forgetting. All of these characters were worked back into the show in a way that wasn’t forced or contrived, it came very naturally. Of course, not all of them survived; Rickon and Osha met their demise at the hands of Ramsey Bolton, The Blackfish was slain by Lannister foot soldiers, Walder Frey got his throat slit by Arya in one of the show’s most satisfying moments, and Hodor held the fucking door. At this stage in it’s run, Game of Thrones has become renowned for it’s many deaths and constant nudity, yet this season was different.

For one, it was probably the least amount of boobs the show’s ever had, and a far sight from Season Five’s ridiculous methods of undressing women, and all of the deaths that took place were real deaths with real repercussions or real emotion behind them.

And speaking of satisfaction, maybe a large part of why this season was so damn good was due to how much fans really got what they wanted. On top of Walder Frey’s death, Ramsey and The High Sparrow met gruesome ends by the people they wronged, perhaps the biggest fan theory of all time (R+L=J) was basically confirmed and we finally got to see Daenerys sailing for Westeros. There was a lot of fan service this year, and it worked so effectively. On top of that, this was a great season for performances, with pretty much everyone being on the top of their game. The stand outs of the cast this year were Sophie Turner, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Jonathan Pryce, and Kit Harington all giving Emmy worthy performances. Even in their smaller scenes, they were outstanding. The cast just had such electric chemistry that it totally dominated the screen and made it an enthralling experience.

But of course, the area where this season really succeeded was it’s spectacle; that’s become a large factor of Game of Thrones and if there anything nice to say about Season Five, it’s that the last three episodes delivered heavily on the action. This season, we were treated to perhaps one of, if not THE, greatest episode of the show: Battle of the Bastards.

Oh man, what a fucking experience. Just like Blackwater and The Watchers on the Wall, it was an exhilarating experience that didn’t let up for a second. Not only did we get to see Daenerys deal with the slavers in a typically badass way, but Jon Snow finally went to war with the Boltons and it was extremely intense. The episode had some of the best cinematography of it’s fun (The shot of Jon arming his sword as the Bolton army charged at him was breathtaking) and before long it was a heavy, overwhelming mess where nothing was certain, but it all came to an exciting and satisfying end.

And of course, who will ever forget the explosive (literally) opening of the finale, which is already being called one of the greatest season finales of all time? It was an astonishing way to end the season, with so many important deaths, stunning visuals, amazing plot developments and so many promises for the final season, not to mention that the music was so on point.

Season Six was Game of Thrones at the top of it’s game: Excellent performances, incredible visuals, great writing, shocking moments, satisfying deaths, killer music, and unforgettable episodes.

This is going to be a long, long year.


Nerve – Brand New Clips and TV Spots

What is the stupidest thing you’ve done for money or popularity? Go on…we’ve all got a store. Maybe you drank a pint filled with lots of awful liquids or maybe you’ve streaked naked in a public place or maybe you kissed a stranger. We’ve all been there and we’ve all done it for whatever reason….

But you’ve never played a game like Nerve.

Starring alongside Emma Roberts, Nerve revolves around a young girl named Vee who is encouraged to live a little and play Nerve. After scooping up Ian, a random stranger, the pair take to the streets of New York to meet the demands of Watchers for cash. Only, the game soon gets bigger and deadlier…

The more I see of the film, the more I am excited for it which is surprising because it looked a bit clichéd. That being said, the thrills under the New York skyline,  look utterly tantalising.



Star Trek Beyond – Rihanna Featurette

When you think of artists who could soundtrack the latest Star Trek film, Rihanna would be the last on our minds. Though when you listen to the song in the trailer, you can tell that it is superbly fitting.

Star Trek Beyond sees director Justin Lin take the director’s chair as Kirk and his crew face their biggest challenge yet. As they explore unchartered space, they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts everything they stand for to test.

The music video will be the first ever released in IMAX cinemas later today. See the latest featurette that explores the relationship between the film and artist. What do you think of the song and the news?


Tallulah – Brand New Trailer!

Netflix continues to showcase an art for crafting fantastic films and they look to continue that with Tallulah.

Ellen Page plays the titular character, affectionately named Lu who is living in a van after her ex stole all her money. After gathering information on him, she discovers a mother who is neglecting her baby, Tallulah decides to rescue the child and go to Margo for help.

Reuniting Allison Janney and Page, who played an unusual mother/daughter relationship, this looks like an in-depth portrayal of someone struggling. Page has been one of our most gifted actresses and this definitely looks to increase her stellar career and take it further. Directed by Orange is the New Black’s Sian Heder, this film look completely amazing.