Why Him? – Brand New Trailer!

Meeting the parents is one of the most nerve-wracking moments in anyone’s life. You really want to impress them and not seem like too much of a dickhead the minute you walk through the door. You supress every animal instinct within you (and all the gas you have brewing too) and gurn your way through your manners as though you were a Downton Abbey butler.

Imagine how panic ridden the parents are though. Here’s a child that you have raised for years and they have shacked up with a lowlife?

That’s the premise for Why Him?

Following the same hijinks and hoopla that made the likes of Look Who’s Come to Dinner and Meet the Fockers, the film revolves around Ned, an overprotective dad with a daughter who is dating douchebag billionaire Laird. As the pair bond, the latter is determined to win the former over… but Ned has other ideas…

With Bryan Cranston and James Franco taking the leads here, there is a lot of hope that this film could do well. The comedy is a little too shticky and sitcom-y for a feature film but if you don’t look at a Bryan Cranston project and quiver with excitement, then there is something very wrong with you…


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