Sully – Brand New Trailer

Airplanes are bloody scary. I personally get anxiety just watching a plane. Sure. The world has opened up thanks to air travel and it’s one of the safest ways to travel. But when incidents happen, all you can do is strap yourselves in and accept your fate. See, bloody scary. Though accidents and fatal plane crashes happen very rarely compared to the hundreds of flights that take place per year, the panic and fear is still there.

What would you do if your plane crashed? That’s the topic of upcoming fim Sully.

For pilot Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger, January 15th would be no ordinary day as both of his engines were blighted. Deciding they would not make it to the airfield, Sully lands his plane on the Hudson river – ensuring all passengers and crew were rescued before then evacuating. The reserved pilot is then thrown into a media storm that could leave him questioning everything…

Directed by Clint Eastwood and also starring Laura Linney, Aaron Eckhart, , the film focuses more on the aftermath of the accident in the same way Flight was, looking to blame Sully as a pilot to absolve the company of guilt. In any case, the film looks terrifically poignant and I had chills just thinking about it.

Plus this is Tom Hanks, who is always…just…so good.

What do you think?


The Academy invite 658 new members…

Earlier this year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (the Oscars to everyone else) hit a lot of controversy because people had enough. Years had rolled by and it had been a parade of mostly white male folks. At the root of the issue was the Academy and Hollywood – refusing to take on more members and promoting diverse talent at the heart of the filmmaking industry.

Determined to not live in the past, the Academy have announced that they have invited 658 people into the fold, who’ll use their presence to vote for films rich in diversity and hopefully see a more equal footing when it comes to voting. This is especially true as, of the 658 46% are women and 41% are people of colour. America Ferrera, Tina Fey, and Kate Beckinsale are amongst those invited and, assuming they’ll be accept, would grow the academy to 7,789.

This is a massive step forward and, as the years go by, hopefully, more and more woman and minorities will be included into the fold making the Academy and Hollywood an equal paying ground.

What do you think of the news?

The Neon Demon – Brand New TV Spot

There is no finer filmmaker out there than Nicolas Winding Refn. His popularity incites polarity and his work is always sublime. Whether you are a fan of his work or not, you cannot deny that he is producing unique, rich, and memorable pieces of cinema. Only God Forgives, Drive, and Bronson all smatter with the superb, the bizarre, and the achingly brilliant.

Now he returns with upcoming tantalising thriller The Neon Demon.

When aspiring model Jesse (Elle Fanning) moves to Los Angeles, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will take any means necessary to get what she has.

There is no other or eloquent way to put this but we are so fucking excited for this film. With Jenna Malone, Bella Heathcote, and Abbey Lee, this is going to hit you in all the right places. See all the TV spots from the thriller. They are so very good.




Trolls – Brand New Trailer!

When I was a child, my sister was obsessed with trolls. Like, she had tonnes of them and loved them ridiculous amounts. Me? I loved whatever my sister loved. One Sunday, in the small town I grew up in, I begged my amazing father to help me find a troll after the kids that were round at our house all had their own. I found the biggest, fattest, and oldest troll and I loved it unconditionally. Because TROLLS WERE THE BEST!

What I’m trying to get at is that many people will be flipping out – either angrily or with nostalgic wet eyes – at the release of Trolls.

With the voice talents of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, and James Corden, Trollsrevolves around the magical creatures with all that hair, who love to sing, dance, and be joyous. That is until their land is invaded and they have to fight for their lives. Can they survive?

So that’s what Dreamworks are doing –  this. And it looks colourful, kind of funny, and definitely going to be a sure fire hit with all that merchandise. Depending on how well the story goes, Trolls could be worth the cinema trip and may be a different vibe to the current studios trilogies and their finale films (Kung Fu Panda 3 and How to Train Your Dragon 2). A unique voice? Yes. A good one? Hmmm. A hairy adventure? Certainly.

What do you think?


The Colony – Review

Moving on from Harry Potter seems to have been really easy for Emma Watson. Alongside her talented co-star Daniel Radcliffe, she has emerged from the confines of straggly hair and pointed wands to immerse herself in a world of dramas and more. Transforming herself from child-star to adult humanitarian actress, Watson has defied the magical world that made her and became this blossoming beauty, enriched with determination and more. From The Perks of Being A Wallflower to Regression, Watson has a stellar career ahead of her and her upcoming lead role in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast will solidify her as a graceful star performer.

The problem is…Watson cannot act.

That’s a bit harsh because I actually feel that she did quite alright in Wallflower but her visceral expressions, earnest dialogue handling, and enveloping of a character is practically non-existent. Or if it is there, she’s keeping it tucked away from most of her performances, like an invisibility cloak for acting talent.

But she’s not the only one who drags down the “could’ve been superb” elements of The Colony, previously called Colonia, and her development as an actress is hindered by this utterly dull historical romp.

The Colony
, technically classed as a historical romantic thriller film because having just one film genre is so last year. That being said the film does try to mix Cold War antics and cults in a failed attempt to provide a rich and chunky story but this may be its undoing.  It revolves around flight attendant Lena whose boyfriend Daniel is kidnapped by the Government for creating images in support of President Salvador Allende. Helping find him, Lena travels to Colonia to offer herself to fascist sect and sinister minister Paul Schafer who’s holding him captive. There, a battle of wits and determination ensures.

The biggest issues with The Colony is that there is absolutely no chemistry between Bruhl and Watson and that the latter cannot emote to save her life. This is crucial to the downfall of the film because, frankly, you don’t care about them or the situation that they are in which eclipses the bigger scope and the actual historical atrocity that plays backdrop to this strained, garish, supposed love-affair. It’s not unusual for filmmakers to create a conduit that our audiences can follow and truly immerse themselves into but director Florian Gallenberger’s two-dimensional characters flap around without a soul or personality.

The pair in the midst of this political struggle do not convey their strife to the audience, nor do they speak for the atrocities around them. The insular coupling narrows the empathic reaction to an event that, by the way, really did happen. You don’t get that sense unless you look past Bruhl and Watson fluttering their eyes at one another with a lack of emotion to see the setting they are in, the people who are dying, and those being brutalised by their leader.

The Colony lets down the victims at the infamous Colonia Dignidad. Not even Michael Nyqvist’s terrifying portrayal of Paul Schafer can levitate this up to some sort of brilliance. Instead, the atrocities that actual real life humans suffered are skimmed under the hay-bale to make way for an unbelievable romance. Poor acting, shoddy writing, and simplistic directing, The Colony could’ve done so much more with the elements they had.


It’s Only the End of the World – Brand New Trailer!

Xavier Dolan is one of our great filmmakers. Trust me, in a few years there will be books written about him. People will laude his work that has evocative imagery, powerful characters, and stellar story-lines. The French-Canadian director has crafted such impossible impeccable pieces of cinema and he looks to continue that trend with It’s Only the End of the World.

Starring Gaspard Ulliel, Vincent Cassel, Marion Cotillard, and Lea Seydoux, the film revolves around a young man who has been estranged from his family for years and now must return home when he is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Winner of the Grand Prix award at this year’s Cannes, It’s Only the End of the World has already set a high bar for the film and this trailer is already completely unforgettable.