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War Dogs – Brand New Trailer!

Is it a telling sign of Hollywood that a LOT of comedies are now heading to the war zone? I don’t know. Maybe all the humour in the USA have dried up so much so that they have to invade another country in order to mine for good comedy? That seems like a chaotic plan, without a thought from

The film revolves around two stoners who are enlisted by the government to arm the Afghan Military. Seems bizarre, right? Well, that’s because it is. But it is also utterly true.

21 Jump Street and Knocked Up have both been movies conveying Jonah Hill’s usual character, so there is an element of eye rolls and sighs as the trailer continues. Christ, he’s even posing as Schmidt. Miles Teller needs another film to propel him out of the misery of his latest features. I don’t know, War Dogs seems more of a whimper than a full on bark.


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