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Ben-Hur – Brand New Featurette

On a long list of films that definitely don’t need a remake is Ben Hur. The epic that once captured the golden era of Hollywood doesn’t really need a modern adaptation. What’s more, it doesn’t need an adaptation from the guy who gave us Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter..

Oh wait, you don’t need the plot do you? Ok, well, the film revolves around the titular character Ben Hurr, played by Broadwalk Empire’s Jack Huston. He’s a biblical prince who lives in Jerusalem. However, he takes revenge against those trying to intimidate the Jewish populace and helps find the freedom of the Jewish people.

This featurette is named Epic. Which is what the first film was. This….not so much. Look, for te good of the world, can we please stop remaking films?  What is this? Why does it exist? What is Ben-Hur wearing? Can we stop with the remakes, please, now? Surely they don’t make any money? Do





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