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Ghostbusters – Brand New TV Spot!

When you think of Ghostbusters, what iconic images do you have? Is it the towering Stay Puft man? The theme song? Those costumes? Bill Fucking Murray?

How about Slimer?

Perhaps the most irritating icon from the original series (especially the cartoon….especially the goddamn cartoon,) the green and jiggly jowels of the scoffing ghost will be remembered by many. Now he is back in the brand new version of Ghostbusters, and has a few friends along.

For those who have absolutely no idea what Ghostbusters is (of which, I’ll assume that you are a ghost and you need to be busted,) the film revolves around four women who become the titular spectre fighters and try to save New York! Starring Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Leslie Jones, this homage to the original series could be the funniest film of the year!

More Slimers? How do you feel about that? Well, what I know is that I ain’t afraid of no ghost!


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