Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – “Stangle on Stangle” Featurette

There are some movies out there that tout the “Based on True Story” mantle with barely any concoction to real life events. However, sometimes there are stories that are so ridiculous that they have to be true.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is that kind of film.

The film revolves around two brothers who have been going stag to weddings and make a right old mess of it. However, when they are willed by their parents to find dates, they go on a nationwide hunt for the lucky ladies. Enter two scam artists who take them up on their offer!

Apparently, this is actually based on a true story and if you double take a bit, make that cartoonish bewildered sound, and rub your eyes in disbelief, why not check out this brand new featurette where the Stangle brothers are interviewed by Adam Devine and Zac Efron.

Oh. Oh no. Now I kinda want to see it.


Nerve – Brand New Clip

How do you feel about endless clips and sneak peaks before a film? Are you exhausted by the practise? Is it making you a little callous to the film industry? Don’t worry, you are not alone because we’ve been feeling somewhat vexed by promising films releasing tonnes of marketing promos.

Which is why we wish Nerve would take a little break because, whilst it looks good, there’s too much coming out.

Nerve revolves around a young girl named Vee who is encouraged to live a little and play the titular game. After scooping up Ian, a random stranger, the pair take to the streets of New York to meet the demands of Watchers for cash. Only, the game soon gets bigger and deadlier…

Guys, I just found out that goddess Samira Wiley, aka Poussey from Orange is the New Black (don’t. talk. about. that. please.) and therefore, the movie has leaped to the top of my list. Not that I am biased at all. Plus there is an element of danger that twists in your stomach. Just look at the train part.

So what do you think? Are you excited?


Pete’s Dragon – Brand New Clips!

There must be a special rung of hell for people who pillage from their own back catalogue. Disney seems to be romping around their own vault going “oooohhh that looks good” and treating the world to a second helping. Only this time there’s like CGI and actual actors.

It’s all getting a bit boring. So we’re bracing ourselves for Pete’s Dragon.

The film revolves around a boy who has lived in the woods for six years. Soon he is found by people and rescued, but along the way, they find he wasn’t completely alone in the woods and some fun is about to happen.

Pete’s Dragon is one of the most irritating in Disney history so this might actually be an improvement… Then again….maybe not


Star Trek Beyond – “Scott Meets Jaylah” Clip

Strong female characters. They populate our screens at a ratio of 1:6. It’s a token character, somewhat, and somehow people go crazy when they front franchises as though we were pushing a feminist agenda on everything menimists hold dear anddddddddddddddd

That’s another article for another day.

Anyway, here’s some new footage for Star Trek Beyond.

Star Trek Beyond sees director Justin Lin take the director’s chair as Kirk and his crew face their biggest challenge yet. As they explore unchartered space, they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts everything they stand for to test.

The latest clip revolves around the new strong female character Jaylah. Fun fact about Jaylah: She was named after Jennifer Lawrence due to the actresses Academy Award winning performance in Winter’s Bone and it was shortened down to create Jaylah.

Here’s a little bit about her meeting her creator Simon Pegg aka Scott.

What do you think?


Norm of the North – Review

Luis Bunuel was one of the pioneers of Surrealist cinema. When describing the process of making his 1929 film Un Chien Andalou, he said “Our only rule was very simple: No idea or image that might lend itself to a rational explanation of any kind would be accepted” .

That is the exact same mindset the creators of Norm of the North had when making this travesty.

Do you ever just get sucker punched by a film? Like, it just completely takes you by surprise an you’re just so shocked and disconcerted by what you’ve just seen? Norm of the North is that film. It has gotten nothing but terrible reviews from just about everyone, and it is one of those films where you think you know how bad it is cause everyone has told you. But you don’t. You seriously, honestly, 100% don’t. I promise you, there is not a single sentence in this review that will accurately portray just how abominable this film is. It has to be seen to be believed, but preferably, not seen at all.

So Norm, voiced by everyone’s favourite, Rob Schneider, is a polar bear living in the arctic with his family, but he’s not like other polar bears….He’s annoying as fuck, and he likes to twerk. When he discovers that there are plans to build condos on his icy home (because that’s a plan that makes perfect sense), Norm heads to New York and gets in close with the big wigs behind it to stop it happening and save his home.

This is, without a doubt, one of the worst animated films ever made; it was originally supposed to be released straight to DVD, but then some fanny fart looked at it and went “No it’s perf, put it on the big screen”. The animation is beyond horrible, and that’s quite a key component in an animated film, believe it or not. It’s jumpy and shoddy, and the voices don’t always match up. In fact, the voice work itself is irritating as hell, despite some talented cast members (emphasis on some). The script is completely in explicable; there is not a single rational decision made in this film, nor is there anything funny or heartwarming or entertaining. It’s all incredibly stupid. It’s so rushed, like every little detail of the film is over in like 10 seconds, and nothing feels real or worth caring about, not to mention that pretty much every single line of dialogue in it is exposition. Norm explaining why he’s not like other polar bears, his brother explaining tourists, his Dad explaining what polar bears should be like, the condo building guy explaining his evil plans, the woman and her incredibly smart daughter etc. it’s all completely unbearable to listen to.

Norm of the North is the absolute worst kind of kids film; it expects kid to just be okay with bright colours and mildly amusing images of a polar bear shaking his booty, as opposed to giving them anything valuable. For years, companies like Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks have released animated films that worked on every level, even some deeper than you might expect a child to understand, but for others, they’re perfect. Norm of the North is just completely baffling. You know when you watch a really complex and confusing film, like Enemy or Under the Skin, and you spend days thinking about it? That is literally this film, but in the worst possible way. For days, I was struck to the bone with sheer delirium, trying to understand just how this film could be so terrible. It’s been a week almost and I’m still processing it. It’s so inexplicably horrible, there is absolutely no justifiable reason for it’s existence and it’s just absurd from start to finish.

But as I said, there is no way to accurately describe how bad this film is. Nothing I’ve said even comes to close. Norm of the North isn’t just a film, it’s an experience; it’s the eighth wonder of the world, a monumental feat of awfulness. This film is a work of art that belongs in a museum, in a display case heavily surrounded by armed security and lasers and alarms, with people paying travelling miles and mile sand waiting in long queues with their cameras ready to snap pictures of what will be heralded as the most baffling piece of art ever created.  It is one of the most unbelievably terrible films ever made, and it doesn’t pass for “so bad it’s good” or “so bad that you have to see it”, it’s just plain horrible. If you’re genuinely curious about it’s poor quality, and you need to know how bad it is, whatever you’re expecting, you’re wrong.

Don’t think you know what you’re getting with this film just because everyone has told you. You have absolutely no idea.