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La La Land – Brand New Trailer!

Damien Chazelle went from zero to hero just like that. The director and writer, who had experience film industry before, crafted an impossibly unforgettable feature film debut with Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench. His second feature was Whiplas. That’s right, whilst most people’s careers take steps and steps, years and years, agony after agony, Chazelle’s second feature is Academy Award winning. Dammit Chazelle, anyway, he returns with La La Land.

The film revolves around Mia, an aspiring actresses who serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions. She meets Sebastian, a jazz musician who is scraping by with his concerts. Together they navigate the world of their dreams whilst their relationship is strained.

The visuals are already on point. Opulent, sublime, and capturing the hazy world of LA and Hollywood whilst playing homage to fantastic classic movies. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone already have the best chemistry as proven in Crazy Stupid Love so we’ve got our dancing shoes on!

What do you think?


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