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Mr. Robot – unm4sk-pt1&2.tc Reviews

It’s time to return to the world of cyber crime, hacking and sticking it to the man! Yes, I am talking about Fight Club 2.0, more commonly known as Mr. Robot (come on, you all know it’s true.)

Season Two of the digital drama starts one month after fsociety unleashed its code to take down Evil Corp. Elliott is trying to deal with his role in the operation, as well as maintain control over his inner demons by exiling himself from computers and living an analog lifestyle. Meanwhile, Darlene is moving forward with fsociety’s goals, by once again hacking into Evil Corp’s servers and issuing an ultimatum. The rest of the first season’s cast are thrown in here and there, but it is with these two characters that the bulk of the story (with more onus upon Elliot) resides.

This new season starts off at a slower place than the first, taking its time to remind us of what went on  previously and of the new society that has grown out of the financial crisis. It also has a much darker tone, with several quite violent scenes peppering the first two episodes. These events are few and far between however, and manage to ramp up the drama to hitherto unseen levels that remind you of the quality of writing that helped make the First Season such a hit.

640Rami Malek (more specifically, his incredibly expressive eyes) still steals the show as the protagonist Elliot. His internal monologue to the audience is as monotonous as ever, yet somehow infused with emotion at the same time. As we are reintroduced to him, we start to see how he is coping with the aftermath and his new daily routine, as well as meeting a new host of characters. It’s through these interactions that we are given a glimpse back into his inner psyche, the one that isn’t expressed directly to the audience. As the first two episodes progress, we are also allowed to question the effect Mr. Robot had on Elliot’s mind, as well as all of his actions to date. This is most obvious in a short conversation between him and his former boss, about the fallout from fsociety, which has been centred almost solely on Allsafe Security. The scene is wonderfully acted, with Michel Gill putting in a  wonderful turn as the broken and desperate former CEO whose life is falling apart due to numerous investigations by the FBI.

Despite only being two episodes in, Season Two of Mr. Robot appears to be shaping up as another tour de force. Its discussions on the capitalistic society we live in are well reasoned, albeit, sometimes a little heavy-handed alongside its allusions to Fight Club. Despite this, Mr. Robot is now following through with what happens after the crash. It remains to be seen whether the show will be able to pull this off, but going on the strength of the first episodes, as well as the previous season, there is enough to suggest that this outing will be as enjoyable as the last.

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