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The Girl on the Train – Brand New Trailer!

When a movie excels, there are a bunch of movies that follows like lost puppies and are heralded as “this year’s (insert successful film now.)” The new one at the moment is Gone Girl. Every female led thriller is now touted as “this year’s Gone Girl” as though people are trying to imitate the successes of better films beforehand. The Girl On The Train is trying to imitate the Fincher Thriller so well, even down to cold blue aesthetics.

But does it look any good?

The film starring Emily Blunt revolves around a young woman who disappears one afternoon whilst taking a run. When a witness comes forward, stating that she saw a suspect and the woman whilst flitting by on the train, it seems the truth isn’t as simple as suburbia starts spiralling out of control.

Emily Blunt is an accomplished actresses and this movie also stars Louis Theroux, Hayley Bennett, and Luke Evans. But this film seems a little bit too much like a cable film than stellar movie outing.

What do you think?


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