The Legacy of Evil Spock


Evil Spock showed up in the Original Series in the episode “Mirror, Mirror”. He was second in command to the Evil Kirk on board the ISS Enterprise. Though Evil Spock is still super-smart and he found out that the Evil Kirk had been replaced by our Kirk so he hatched plan to send the not-evil Kirk back to the not-evil universe.

Trouble is, Evil-Spock is too logical and Kirk managed to convince him that the Terran Empire (Which is the evil United Federation of Planets) would collapse if they continued being super violent to all the aliens.

So once Good-Kirk and Co. left, Evil-Spock got to work. He ended up commanding the ISS Enterprise, then eventually rose to power and became Chief Commander of the entire Terran Empire (as stated in Deep Space 9 episode “Crossover”). Next, Evil Spock (Who I assume was still rocking the Goatee) made major changes and made things more like the federation: Full of peaceful exploration and stuff. No more slavery or xenophobic tendencies!

This of course blew up in everyone’s faces as the Klingons made an alliance with the Cardassians and completely obliterated the now gimped Terran Empire

God-dammit, Kirk.

Still, the Mirror Universe is a really interesting concept with its unique (And war-mongering) changes to human history, just look at the evil opening of Enterprise compared to the normal one. There was also a game (Shattered Empire) that took briefly took Captain Sulu on an explosion filled Journey through the place. I hope we can one day re-visit the alternate reality, if only for the fact that Goatees never go out of fashion! 

Evil Spock now has a Legacy in popular culture, the Goatee has even shown up in Community.

Will Star Trek ever mess with the popular concept again? We’ll have to wait and see!

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The Defenders – Brand New Teaser

What do you do when you commission four separate TV series based in the same city and cinematic universe and have (at least) half those shows go on to become critical successes with the other half looking to achieve a similar status?

If you answered: Throw the four protagonists together into a fifth series then you would be absolutely correct!

The teaser for Marvel and Netflix’s The Defenders is light on any actual scenes from the series (since it is still in pre-production) but heavy on fancy graphics and a remixed version of Nirvana’s “Come as you are.” The titles of the four main shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist) are torn apart and reconstituted in a ransom note style to form The Defenders logo. It’s strange to think that something so simple can elicit such chills of excitement, but there you have it.

2017 can’t come soon enough


Iron Fist – Brand New Trailer

Sometimes, it feels like the writers at Marvel were off their medication when they came up with origins for some of their characters. One shining example of this is The Immortal Iron Fist, who will be joining the Marvel/Netflix roster sometime in the near future.

Iron Fist came about when Danny Rand plunged his fists into the molten heart of a dragon he defeated… Like I said, some of these people may need to have a bit of quality time with a psychiatrist. Regardless, there is no suggestion of whether or not the Netflix series will contain any part of his origins, but it’s far too awesome to pass up!

While no dragons appear in the teaser that was released to SDCC, we are treated to a number of shots of monks, lots of snow and a plane crash before ending on the almost obligatory destruction of some property to show us that Danny Rand has powers. It looks like Iron Fist and Doctor Strange will be covering some of the more mystical aspects within the Marvel Universe.


The Best Star Trek Ships

The ship is one of the best parts of Star Trek. These futuristic space explorers make our eyes wide in hope as the crew journey through the vast wonders of space. Here, to celebrate the release of Star Trek Beyond, we take a look at the best ships.

Constitution Class

What really is there to say? It’s the first, most iconic ship. It’s been built upon with the Refit and Reboot, but this one still stands tall, with its sleep warp nacelles and an almost UFO like saucer section. When most people hear the words Star Trek, this beautiful vessel comes to mind. Even if William Shatner (Space cowboy) was basically using it as his pistol in space.

Intrepid Class

As seen in Voyager, It’s sleek, has the fold-up nacelles to go faster and even has an armoured version! Not only was it the fastest ship of its time, but thanks to the crew it was extremely receptive when upgraded. Kate Mulgrew and her crew tried their best to blow it up throughout the series (it did get destroyed 5 times though thanks to alternate realities and time travel shenanigans).

Prometheus Class

I have a real soft spot for this one, even if it really only appeared in one Voyager episode. Not only does it split into three to wreck Romulans, but it has 5 warp engines in total and can be helmed by a skeleton crew (Or two holograms (Including Robert Picardo) who have no idea what they are doing). Designed for deep space reconnaissance with a side order of being a ship built for war.


Excelsior Class

The USS Excelsior was supposed to replace the enterprise in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Spoiler, they find him), with its brand spanking new shield and warp systems (In fact, the Enterprise-B was an Excelsior)but Scotty was like, “Nahhh” and disabled it, producing an absolutely wonderful half-chase scene. The original Excelsior went on to be commanded by George Takei.


Galaxy Class

From the Next Generation this ship is truly from the next generation can take a beating (and has a detachable saucer!), being at the forefront of every battle, outfitted with the latest scientific advances and even luxurious enough to carry families. It’s almost as iconic as the Constitution class, thanks to Sir Patrick Stewart.

Sovereign Class

Making its debut in Star Trek First Contact. The enterprise name was always the flagship of the Federation, but the Sovereign class was the newest and most powerful ship Starfleet had ever built. Of course they would give it to Captain Picard. Quantum torpedoes, escape pods for the entire crew and even a captains space yacht. Talk about classy.

Defiant Class

The smallest and most combat oriented ship in Starfleet: This little baby not only packs a punch and can outmanoeuvre every ship in the quadrant, but it is also outfitted with a cloaking device, the first and only Starfleet ship to have one. Deep Space Nine had a lot of interesting guerrilla warfare with this boat.

Relativity Class

Shhhh. It’s a secret. Belonging to Section 31 of Starfleet (The black-ops ‘we don’t exist but have all the permissions to screw everyone else to preserve humanity and Starfleet’) This ship travels through time and puts down anyone or anything that even thinks of meddling the time-line for the worse. Especially some of the Voyager crew, those cheeky crewmen. The Relativity participates in a morally grey area (Changing the timeline and erasing entire generations of people just to keep the Galaxy in check), but nevertheless, it’s a cool ship designed for time-travel.



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Star Trek Films Ranked

My dad got me into Star Trek and got me watching all the series. Then I discovered the films: some are good, some are… not so good. Either way, here’s my personal ranking of all the Star Trek films. Just some warning: It’s been a while since I’ve seen some of them, so I’ve described them as I remembered. I also wonder where Star Trek Beyond will rank, so without further adieu,  here we go!

12. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)

Here we see Captain Picard face off against his young clone in a very action heavy and not at all Star Trek adventure. They save the Romulans and have fun in a space buggy. The Enterprise nearly gets destroyed.

11. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

I swear the first time I saw this, there was just an image of space for the first twenty minutes. They find a self aware Voyager probe looking for its dad and tell it to go to another dimension.

10. Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)

A bunch of alien exiles try to take the rings of a planet (therefore killing all the residents) to become immortal and Picard kisses a two hundred year old woman. There’s an annoying kid that is a little too fond of Data.

9. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)


Spock’s brother hi-jacks the enterprise and flies everyone to the center of the galaxy to find god. Spock then shoots God which, well, yes…is a thing that happened in the Star Trek universe.

8. Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

In the alternate movie universe, Khan is betrayed by Starfleet and swears revenge. He also invented a transporter technology which should have rendered everything else moot. Robocop also had a f*ckhuge ship for some reason. I knew he was Section 31, the sneaky smuck. The Enterprise nearly gets destroyed.


7. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)

They steal the Enterprise and find Spock. The Enterprise gets destroyed.

6. Star Trek Generations (1994)

Picard gets taken by a glowing space ribbon and meets his hero, Kirk. Together they punch an old man who just wants to go into said space ribbon. The Enterprise gets destroyed by some Klingon bitches.


5. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

Klingons read shakespeare, there is a murder most foul and Kirk breaks out of prison and saves the president. I’m not even joking, it’s awesome.


4. Star Trek: First Contact (1996)


The Star Trek Die Hard featuring the Borg who travel back in time to assimilate Earth before we invent warp travel and meet the Vulcans. Data double crosses everyone. Picard swings on a cable and snaps the Borg queen’s spine. Worf spouts the excellent line “Assimilate this” before blasting the Borg back to the stone age.


3. Star Trek (2009)

A fun reboot where a Romulan goes back in time and completely changes the timeline. The enterprise crew still get together and with the help of Old Spock, blow the Romulans back to hell.

2. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

Kirk’s old adversary, Khan, steals a ship and seeks revenge on Kirk. Kirk and Spock play cat and mouse in a nebula with Khan and blow him the hell up. Spock dies saving the entire crew in an utterly heart-wrenching scene.

1. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

The crew fly around the sun in a Klingon Bird of Prey, go back in time to 80’s San Fransisco to save some whales and punch some dudes, before taking the whales back to the future to talk an alien space probe out of destroying the Earth. It’s utterly fantastic.

Where do you think it’ll rank? 

Luke Cage – Brand New Trailer

According to show runner Cheo Hodari Coker, the upcoming Marvel/Netflix series Luke Cage will be “The Wire of Marvel television.”

As many of my friends will attest (alongside drawn out groans and excessive eye-rolling) I love The Wire, it is truly the greatest piece of televisual drama that has come out of the last few decades of television, and if Luke Cage can capture even one iota of that, we’re looking to be in for a fantastically enjoyable ride.

Whilst not really showing us anything new within the trailer (though it is rather satisfying to watch Cage beating the tar out of a group of thugs as they continue to shoot at him,) the SDCC promo for the series suggests that Luke Cage will be taking a leaf out of Daredevil’s book and giving us plenty of long, single take action sequences that are thrilling to watch in their mastery of choreography and cinematography.