The Best Star Trek Ships

The ship is one of the best parts of Star Trek. These futuristic space explorers make our eyes wide in hope as the crew journey through the vast wonders of space. Here, to celebrate the release of Star Trek Beyond, we take a look at the best ships.

Constitution Class

What really is there to say? It’s the first, most iconic ship. It’s been built upon with the Refit and Reboot, but this one still stands tall, with its sleep warp nacelles and an almost UFO like saucer section. When most people hear the words Star Trek, this beautiful vessel comes to mind. Even if William Shatner (Space cowboy) was basically using it as his pistol in space.

Intrepid Class

As seen in Voyager, It’s sleek, has the fold-up nacelles to go faster and even has an armoured version! Not only was it the fastest ship of its time, but thanks to the crew it was extremely receptive when upgraded. Kate Mulgrew and her crew tried their best to blow it up throughout the series (it did get destroyed 5 times though thanks to alternate realities and time travel shenanigans).

Prometheus Class

I have a real soft spot for this one, even if it really only appeared in one Voyager episode. Not only does it split into three to wreck Romulans, but it has 5 warp engines in total and can be helmed by a skeleton crew (Or two holograms (Including Robert Picardo) who have no idea what they are doing). Designed for deep space reconnaissance with a side order of being a ship built for war.


Excelsior Class

The USS Excelsior was supposed to replace the enterprise in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Spoiler, they find him), with its brand spanking new shield and warp systems (In fact, the Enterprise-B was an Excelsior)but Scotty was like, “Nahhh” and disabled it, producing an absolutely wonderful half-chase scene. The original Excelsior went on to be commanded by George Takei.


Galaxy Class

From the Next Generation this ship is truly from the next generation can take a beating (and has a detachable saucer!), being at the forefront of every battle, outfitted with the latest scientific advances and even luxurious enough to carry families. It’s almost as iconic as the Constitution class, thanks to Sir Patrick Stewart.

Sovereign Class

Making its debut in Star Trek First Contact. The enterprise name was always the flagship of the Federation, but the Sovereign class was the newest and most powerful ship Starfleet had ever built. Of course they would give it to Captain Picard. Quantum torpedoes, escape pods for the entire crew and even a captains space yacht. Talk about classy.

Defiant Class

The smallest and most combat oriented ship in Starfleet: This little baby not only packs a punch and can outmanoeuvre every ship in the quadrant, but it is also outfitted with a cloaking device, the first and only Starfleet ship to have one. Deep Space Nine had a lot of interesting guerrilla warfare with this boat.

Relativity Class

Shhhh. It’s a secret. Belonging to Section 31 of Starfleet (The black-ops ‘we don’t exist but have all the permissions to screw everyone else to preserve humanity and Starfleet’) This ship travels through time and puts down anyone or anything that even thinks of meddling the time-line for the worse. Especially some of the Voyager crew, those cheeky crewmen. The Relativity participates in a morally grey area (Changing the timeline and erasing entire generations of people just to keep the Galaxy in check), but nevertheless, it’s a cool ship designed for time-travel.



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