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Justice League – Brand New Trailer!

Batman V Superman came with a hail of criticism at DC. It highlighted the vast difference between them and Marvel. They took themselves far too seriously. Whilst many have appreciated the dark and dull tones of the cinematic universe dampening the spandex efforts on the big screen.

With Suicide Squad on its way, however, DC have clearly started to appreciate the lighter side of life. And that looks to continue with buddy movie Justice League!

The film revolves around Batman venturing across the world to find heroes such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg then uniting them to make one amazingly badass team!

Comedy? Rock music?  EZRA FLIPPIN MILLER?!?!??!  WONDDDDDDERRRRRRRRR WOMANNNNNNNNNNNN! Dare we say that we’re excited for this film? Because we bloody are!

Wow. Never thought I’d say that about a DC film!


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