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Wonder Woman – SDCC Trailer

Whether you enjoyed Batman vs Superman or like me you hated it so much it became the only conversation topic at the following dinner date with your boyfriend, everyone could agree that Wonder Woman was awesome despite how little screen time she got. Gal Gadot played her so well that some audience members were far more interested in her than the rest of the film. Her performance against a clunky script brought about a flicker of hope for feminist film critics like myself that she would be the first strong female superhero character in film ever. Some agreed, some disagreed. Either way, the highly anticipated Wonder Woman trailer dropped at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend.

There’s a lot of focus on the action which is wonderful to see. The trailer looks as if there’s going to be a variety of battle set ups and not the standard one-on-one protagonist-vs-antagonist routine usually dolled out in films with fight sequences. If nothing else, the trailer seems keen to promise interesting action in Wonder Woman.

That being said, there was a feeling of doubt. Something that ran throughout the trailer made me go from perplexed to down right annoyed. It made my hopes for a strong female character fade. What was it? The inclusion of a so very obvious obligatory love interest played by Chris Pine. Inclusion of romance in of itself isn’t an issue generally in film however it is a symptom of a bigger problem with a lot of major female-centric movies. Why on Earth do filmmakers and film studios seem to think that every female superhero – heck every female protagonist – need to define her motivations/life etc. around a man? It’s incredibly annoying. It has happened in every female superhero film film thus far with the exception of Tank Girl. It’s contributes to the notion to men and women that every woman’s life revolves around a man. I imagine that’s not their intention but that just makes it careless.

Film industry big wigs, take note: Giving a female character super powers doesn’t instantly empower her!


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