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The Accountant – Brand New Trailer!

There is a general consensus that greed is bad. Especially when it comes to money. The need to have it all – have all the pennies, lingers long in our minds and burns our consciousness. If the wealthy were to share their fortune, the world would be a better place. Sadly, corruption and greed have warped our humanity for the lesser.

The film revolves around a math savant who has more affinity for numbers than people (aka, every smart person role ever created.) On the outside, he simple works for a small town CPA office. But behind closed doors, Christian runs every account for the criminal underbelly and soon the police are on his trail.

Ben Affleck is back to being the best and, sure, The Accountant does seem to teeter on common cinematic ground but could truly be lifted into greatness because of Affleck.


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