The Transformers: The Movie Returns – 30th Anniversary Edition Release!

We spoke previously about Bugsy Malone turning 40 and making us feel super old (just, really old guys, really old.) Well, the best Transformers movie, aka the animated one, aka the 1986 one, aka the one untouched by Michael Bay is turning 30. So if you didn’t feel old then, you are surely going to feel old now!

To celebrate the anniversary, they are re-releasing a special edition on DVD and Blu-Ray for fans to rejoice in the friendly bots that can turn into cars and stuff without Shia LeBeaouf’s face anywhere in the vicinity. Starring the voices of Judd Nelson, Eric Idle, Putter Cullen, Leonard Nimoy, and FLIPPIN ORSON WELLES, The Transformers: The Movie has developed somewhat of a cult fallowing after the Autobots defend themselves yet again from the evil Decepticons.

How do you feel about Transformers and the re-release? Let us know!


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