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Miles Ahead – Brand New Clips!

Musical biopics are such a yearly thing that instead of being important or visceral, they become background noises as we go about our daily businesses. That’s because we know how they are going to play out: talented musician struggles with a troubled childhood, enormous amount of skill, and then they fall into drugs or worse.

Miles Ahead is completely different.

Focusing on the revival of acclaimed trumpeter Miles Davis and his return following on from a “silent period.” Teaming up with Rolling Stone reporter to revive his career, Miles struggles to return.

Starring Don Cheadle as the famed musician and Ewan McGregor as the reporter, this was released to average reviews at the New York Film Festival. But were they unfair? Yes. Since we’ve recently had a spout of great reviews.  Take a look at these latest clips, what do you think?


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