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Ben-Hur – Brand New Clip!

Toby Kebbell is one of the UK’s most gifted actors. Not that you’d know this, because the performer seems hell bent in starring in piss-poor films. I’m sorry Kebbell, because I love you, but you need to find a better agent…

He’s starring as the main antagonist of Ben-Hur. Yes. That remake you wish wasn’t happening.

Oh wait, you don’t need the plot do you? Ok, well, the film revolves around the titular character Ben Hurr, played by Broadwalk Empire’s Jack Huston. He’s a biblical prince who lives in Jerusalem. However, he takes revenge against those trying to intimidate the Jewish populace and helps find the freedom of the Jewish people.

So here’s the latest clip entitled You Should’ve Killed Me and yes, you can see how brilliant and epic the visuals are. However, what use has this film?


There is no need for this movie.

And it really should stop.


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