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Arrival – Teaser Trailer

When you think of a typical sci-fi movie, you tend to think of aliens ‘invading’, not ‘arriving’, right? Arrival is more akin to an unwelcome family member visiting for the holidays, or the next train on platform three. Passive. So already an element of uncertainty is evident, before we even hit play. Passive aliens don’t make for easy plot development.

As with all teaser trailers, very little is revealed. Hence, the tease. Instead we are given some questions to ponder while we wait for the extended or ‘proper’ trailer to come out. Who are they? What do they want? What do they look like? What happens now? I can’t say these questions will keep me up at night, but I am curious. Particularly when it comes to what they will look like – will Villeneuve go with typical humanoid characters or something more daring/less practical? From the reaction of Amy Adams, it seems we’re in for a bit of a shock.

We do know what they sound like, however, which is a little like Chewbacca. So if that’s anything to go by, George Lucas/Disney might have something to say about it…


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