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Ben-Hur – Brand New Clips

There is a lot of anger directed at certain remakes and reboots. We are smothered with the past as it crawls into the future. Hollywood has become so focused on them that it’s become so tedium. Whilst some get a lot of hate, there’s some that skim by untainted. Ben-Hur, for example, hasn’t had a lot of the vitriol so here it is: This blows. This shouldn’t be made. This is wrong.

Oh wait, you don’t need the plot do you? Ok, well, the film revolves around the titular character Ben Hur, played by Broadwalk Empire’s Jack Huston. He’s a biblical prince who lives in Jerusalem. However, he takes revenge against those trying to intimidate the Jewish populace, including his brother who expelled him, and helps find the freedom of the Jewish people.

So here are some new clips and featurettes including the inclusion of Morgan Freeman. Here you go. Watch it if you want.


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