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Eye in the Sky – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

War is going on constantly. No matter how safe you feel in the comfort of your home and loving family, there are citizens out there with nothing due to bombs, air warfare, and corrupt governments. Many of us switch off from it all, assume they are wholly different folks that deserve it or that our boys in beige are doing a great job in curtailing peace.

Actually, it’s a lot more complex than this and in Eye in the Sky, the dangerous decisions made are accurately portrayed  as well as the lives impacted by war, drones, and bloody chaos.

In Gavin Hood’s brand new drama/thriller,  Helen Mirren plays Colonel Katherine Powell who leads a London-based intelligence UNIT that operate drones on terrorists. In a recent safe-house in Nairobi, Kenya, they discover a group planning to commit a heinous and massive terror attack on a nearby mall. From different countries, the team stalk them with their robot technology led by Aaron Paul in his Nevada base. When a little girl shows up to sell bread outside the safe-house, the mission is thrown into turmoil. How can they stop a catastrophic event without killing the child? Those involved have to figure out the best possible solution but time is slowly running out…


Gavin Hood’s Eye in the Sky is a tense and embroiling thriller that intelligently tackles the themes of political and collateral warfare. With each character battling each side of the argument, the engaging action takes place mostly in the words and conversations. The brooding changes that weigh the life of a child against an impending terror attack hook your attention from the beginning. With facets of values differentiating in every character, the flow of the plan changes whilst urgency mounts every passing second. Guy Hibbert’s tight script focuses on the moral complications of warfare in an astute and taut manner that envelopes every moment with pressure and emotion. It’s a palpable movie that explores humanity in all the characters involved,

Whilst the script and the direction are superb, it’s really the actors that elevate this drama into a stunning drama. Helen Mirren’s stoic and unabashed performance as Powell is nothing short of astonishing whilst the late and great Alan Rickman is as terrific as ever. Supporting acts from Barkhad Abdi and Iain Glenn masterfully embellish the story with great characters populating the story in fantastic ways. However, it’s Aaron Paul’s drone pilot Steve Watts who steals the show. Able to convey the weight of his job whilst portraying care and guilt for the damage done, Paul superbly tackles the message of the film in a darkened small room. It’s a fantastic performance!

The development of Eye in the Sky is great with fantastic features and special effects. Gavin Hood has crafted an intelligent film that strips away the action of combat and, instead, focuses on the true complexities that the army and the government have to navigate in order to protect all peoples on this world. Without white-washing the drama, instead focusing on local terror in Nairobi, the ethics of drones and computer based decision making is superbly depicted here. There are moments of wit that juxtapose the thrills and help solidify its realistic nature. Terrific and terrifying, Eye in the Sky is a must-see film.


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