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War Dogs – Brand New Featurette!

Who let the dogs of war out? Warner Bros. and Todd Phillips. In two weeks War Dogs is going to be let loose on to the big screen. Which means, in two weeks, our moral compass is going to be called into question. Why? Because we’re all going to look at these people profiting from horrific, violent, bloody conflicts and think ‘you know what? They look pretty damn cool’. Even Jonah Hill admits the whole thing is ‘attractive to watch’, so what hope do we have as mere onlookers?

Watching this featurette we get a little glimpse at behind the scenes, which obviously gets our movie making horn on. Phwoar check out the lens on that one! Oi love! Get your rigs out! The origins of the film are also revealed, as Todd Phillips reminisces about the day he read that now famous article in Rolling Stone. Taking a real life story to the big screen is always a challenge as finding a balance between realism and artistic license is like walking a tightrope. In Todd Phillips’ hands though, we know we are in for something quite unique. Bradley Cooper sums up our feelings nicely – excitement.

Snippets of interviews with the cast reveals a very promising aspect of this film – the actors loved playing those roles. There is nothing worse than watching an actor fumble their way through a piece they are obviously not enjoying. But this is evidently not the case here, as Jonah Hill describes his character as ‘explosive’ and focuses on minute details such as a signature laugh which can only come from a spray tanned, early 2000s wheeler dealer. Milers Teller, although not playing such a flamboyant character but rather the thinker in this duo, admits that he ‘had a lot of fun with [his role]’ as well.

If we have half as much fun as they seemed to, we think we are on to a winner!


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