Arrival – Brand New Trailer!

Is it part of every director’s contract that – at one point in their life – they have to do a space movie? I dunno. It just seems like they are churning out starry adventures and rockets propelling to the moon in alluring and fantastic cinematography with a score by Hans Zimmer or Alexandre Desplat?

I just feel like there has to be a clause there.

The film is directed by Sicario mastermind Denis Villeneuve, the film revolves around an elite team including linguist Louise Banks who are brought together to investigate the appearance of a spacecraft. On the verge of global war, the desperation to save mankind and unearth some answers becomes a race against time as Louise battles for her life.

With Amy Adams, Forest Whittaker, and Jeremy Renner, this looks like a fantastic, absorbing, and stunning space-age romp.

What do you think?


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