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Don’t Breathe – Brand New Trailer!

Have you ever wondered why teenagers are the subject of some many horrors? Is it because Hollywood hates young-uns? Or is it because teenagers do a lot of dumb things?

You decide in this brand new trailer for Don’t Breathe!

Starring Goosebump’s Dylan Minnette and Suburgatory’s Jany Levy, the film revolves around a down and out girl trying to accrue money to escape her deadbeat parents. The only way she can find that money is to rob houses with two of her friends in fits of desperation. However, when they case a joint (that’s the right terminology, right?) they find themselves up against a blind man who has more clout than the pair of them put together.

When you get No Doubt’s Don’t Speak out of your head (what, just me?) then you’ll be able to enjoy this chilling new trailer. It looks seriously fucked up!

What do you think?


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