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Panic – New Trailer

We’ve all been caught being nosey before. Normally it’s little things: eyeing up other people’s dinners in restaurants, being unable to turn away from a heated discussion, reading over the shoulder of the person sitting next to you. But what if you witnessed something bad? Something illegal? Someone in danger? Panic explores this dilemma, from the point of view of an unlikely hero – an agoraphobic whose main source of social interaction is spying on his neighbours.

I know what you’re thinking. This plot sounds very familiar. Even The Simpsons did an episode on something like this. But, much like peas, give it a chance! Panic follows Andrew Deeley (David Gyasi, Interstellar) a music journalist who, after being physically and psychologically scarred by a brutal attack on the streets of London, retreats to the safety of his flat for good. He becomes obsessed with watching his neighbour Kem, a young Chinese girl in the block of flats opposite his, and decides to share this hobby with the married woman he meets online. When she witnesses Kem’s kidnapping, however, plans go awry. Unable to forget the incident, Andrew is forced to battle his own anxieties to rescue Kem and prove himself to his would be love interest. Alone amongst Chinese gang members and armed only with his hammer and journalistic skills (we’re pretty badass!), Andrew soon finds out that London can be even more dangerous than he feared.

This looks to be a superb directional debut from Sean Spencer, a young Brit who is unafraid to delve into dark things


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