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Bad Moms – Review

Everyone believes they’ll be a fantastic mum. You know the kind of mother: Miss Honey from Matilda levels of perfection. Free, giving, and loving whilst producing smart, polite, and beautiful children without any influence of the world around you (and none from your own mum too.) The harsh reality is that parenting is hard. Looking after sprog and trying to cultivate them into the next generation of people is terrifying (which why, thanks but no thanks, I shan’t be pushing one out of my vagina any time soon.)

The likelihood of you making a mistake and having a negative effect on the growth of your child is highly likely – if not inevitable. But rather than worry or work yourself and your children to the bone to achieve parental perfection, why not just…do it your own way? As long as it’s filled with love, then what’s the problem?


Bad Moms takes all the pressure on motherhood and puts a spin on it. Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and Christina Applegate, the film revolves around Amy Mitchell – a mother struggling to balance it all, with a lazy husband and two blossoming womb sprites. Rushing around at her part-time job (where they treat her like a full-time worker,) meeting the expectations of her children who want her to either do all her homework or rush around the city for her extracurricular activities, and all the home duties, the work seems never-ending. When the PTA, led by the ruthless Gwendolyn James breathes down her neck for the impending bake sale, Amy quits and decides that she and her children need some down time. Enlisting two other begrudging mums, Amy finally gets to do what she wants on her own time. But how long can she last until the stern Gwendolyn bites back?

This female led anarchic movie takes the stereotypical mum trope and kicks it straight in the balls. From the word dot, the entertaining and laugh-out load comedy holds back no stiletto-ed heel and tramples over the overly high expectations for mothers everywhere. Raucous, uncouth, but completely hilarious, jokes and situations come thick and fast as the trio of mothers lay waste to the idea that their lives have to solely revolve around their children’s. Touching on sensitive subjects such as single-motherhood, divorce, controlling partners, and balancing your needs against your children’s allows the sensitive and emotional elements to combine with the comedy in a nearly rounded movie about the trials (or mistrials) of parenting. Borrowing the beat from Mean Girls, Sisters, and Bridesmaids, Bad Moms adds a fresh spin and allows you to care for the characters no matter how badly they act.

The acting is amazing too, with each actress on cue with different personalities and backgrounds cashing in a spectrum of motherhood. Unlike the piss-poor Mother’s Day “comedy released earlier this year, Bad Moms actually gets the importance of fleshing out your characters whilst gifting actresses with great material. Mila Kunis has managed to shake away the terrible collection of performances she has under her belt (cough, Jupiter Ascending, cough.) She really slots into Amy and tackles the concern and the cavorting well in a glorious way. Kristen Bell is excellent as the sweet Kiki whilst tyrannical Christian Applegate is as wonderful as ever. Truthfully, however, it’s  Hahn’s performance as the vulgar and bolshy Carla that steals every scene she is in. Whilst the traits she possesses have been seen in movies before, especially the aforementioned films, Hahn owns it with every fibre of her being. Sultry, sexy, foul-mouthed, fierce and yet with touches of emotion and delicacy (especially surrounding her friends and son.) Hahn is amazing and, hopefully, this’ll place her more on the map!

Bad Moms falters somewhat towards the ending as it curves into a predictable and sweet finale. That being said, the ride is downright hilarious. If anything, it is worth watching for the raucous PTA meeting… It’s phenomenal. The ultimate golden nugget of Bad Moms is that you should be allowed to relax and take time off from motherhood and you can whilst also cultivating your children to be the best they can be. You don’t have to answer to anyone bar your own instincts and morals.

And, the most important takeaway from the film for mother’s everywhere is this:

You do you.

You are doing fine…

Bad Moms is out on DVD & Blu-Ray 26th December

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