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Audrie & Daisy – Brand New Trailer!

This is perhaps the hardest trailer you are going to watch all year. Particularly with some of the outspoken voices in this poignant and astute documentary.

Audrie & Daisy revolves around the titular High School girls in different towns and schools who attend different parties that, unfortunately, end in the same way: Both girls are sexually assaulted. The fallout from the crimes mirror each other horribly. The abusers are released on lenient sentences and the girls are hounded by them and their friends which said drives one to suicide.

I am going to let the trailer speak itself because it is scary and terrifying the way the victims are persecuted and hounded. There are also people, here, who inherently believe all victims are lying and support the men EVEN WHEN THEY ADMIT THE CRIME more so than the victims.


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