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Life On The Line – Brand New Trailer!

Flash forward several years into the future: A bunch of Hollywood board members have gathered around their big boardroom tables, scratching their heads as pads of paper are barren. There’s a silence as the bald headed booming boss is screeching at them that film is over. All the ideas have been taken and reboots and sequels no longer generate money. Then a lowly assistant shakily puts up his hand…

“What about a telefunder who has 24 hours to raise money and then a killer phones them….”

“Brilliant! Gold! You win!”

What I’m saying is that every single occupation is going to get a film about how daring and sacrificial they are…

Ok. I’m kidding because Life on the Line does focus on important workers who work tirelessly trying to sort shit out during storms. Basically, the film revolves around electricians or something who try to fix electrical grids when they go down in the deadliest storms.

Starring John Travolta and Devon Sawa (the dude from the Final Destination films,) Life on the Line looks a bit tense. But it also begs the question: Surely, we could live without electricity until the storm passes?


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