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The Clan – New Trailer

Winning director Pablo Trapero the Silver Lion at last year’s Venice International Film Festival, The Clan is finally making its way across to the US and UK. A great-looking crime drama, the film aptly contrasts terrible violence with the everyday, and highlights how aggression and conflict can boil over within a close community.

Based on the true events surrounding the Puccios – a seemingly typical middle-class family from Buenos Aires –The Clan wonderfully showcases how ordinary people can be capable of some truly horrific crimes. After the father loses his job as an intelligence officer, he uses his skills to kidnap the rich and hold them for ransom in his own home. He ropes his eldest son into the whole thing, in the hopes for some male bonding I guess, and everything seems to be going to plan. Except for the fact the son isn’t too keen on killing their hostages, some of whom happen to be friends of the family. Typical teenage rebellion amirite? A rift grows between the two as their crimes become more violent. But his father, evidently, is not the kind of man you say no to.

Blood is thicker than water. But when blood is being spilt, does it matter? Look out for Darth Vader in the trailer!


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