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The Promise – Brand New Trailer!

There are plenty of movies about the rampant crimes of war and empires. People, as a species, have been completely awful and whole races have been eradicated by other people for no reason other than power. It’s sad. It’s terrifying. And it needs to be heard.

The Promise enters to tackle the truth of the Ottoman Empire.

So Oscar Isaac is in yet another historical love triangle but this time, the relationship at the centre of the film is the less important tale. Instead, the war-torn backdrop is key to making this movie an important lesson in the slaughter of people across the world. The film revolve around an American journalist based in Paris who is caught in the final days of the Ottoman Empire and the genocide of Armenian people!

The stirring historical drama should enlighten people to the atrocities that history books seemingly miss from teaching you. Certainly, the film will draw in a large crowd because of Christian Bale and the aforementioned Isaac, But let’s hope that the star power doesn’t falter the story.


The Promise is out April 2017

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