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ARQ – Brand New Trailer!

What constitutes a good time travel movie is much like that of a temporal wanderer’s affect on the past, constantly changing, but no one’s ever entirely certain how or why.

Such is the case with the latest trailer for Netflix’s ARQ, a film featuring Robbie Amell and Rachael Taylor trapped in a closed-loop as they attempt to defend themselves from masked attackers.

In a lot of ways, ARQ appears to be very similar to Edge Of Tomorrow as we see the characters get killed, only to awaken again at the start of a new loop. Fortunately, the quick cuts and steadily rising music help to denote a sense of tension and fear as we are slowly walked to the real reason time is repeating.

Will ARQ help push forward the sci-fi genre by treading new ground, or will it end up stagnating in an endless repeat of time travel clichés? There’s only one way to find out…

ARQ is on Netflix September 16th.

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