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Rob Zombie’s 31 – Brand New Trailer!

I must confess, I’ve never really cared for the oeuvre of films by Rob Zombie, and watching the trailer for 31, I felt no new compulsion to make me pick up his back catalogue and see what I had been missing all this time.

The latest film from this “visionary” director, as is claimed in the trailer, appears to feature yet more of the blood, guts and violence style of horror movies that have become rather banal in their edginess. 31’s latest trailer doesn’t seem to offer anything new in the way of horror, merely retreading the same jump scares and gore.

Of course, that’s before you get to see that all this ultra-violence is being conducted by Malcolm McDowell, and one could almost attempt to work this film into an even more disturbing sequel to A Clockwork Orange, if they were so inclined. But even then, it hardly detracts from the tedium of the plot.

31 is out in cinemas and on VOD September 23rd.

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