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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

Jim Carey is without a doubt one of my favourite actors. His off brand humour is accessible across the board. I loved him as a child and now I admire him as an adult. A smart man who isn’t afraid to play a fool, Carey describes making people laugh as ‘something worth [his] time’. Dedicating his life to that end, he has starred in many notable comedies. This brings me to my totally unbiased review of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

I bought this DVD about ten years ago for £2. ‘Two pounds????’ I hear you cry ‘Someone must have mislabeled it!’ Reader, I thought the same thing. I remember handing the DVD over to the cashier nervously, sweat dripping from my nose. ‘I’m basically stealing’ I thought ‘She’s got to realise the mistake’. But no. instead she handed me £8 change and my receipt. I walked out the shop and into the High Street. And in that moment I was high on life!

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For those of you who don’t know, Ace Ventura is a freelance detective who specialises in animal welfare. Living in his rented apartment, which he struggles to pay for, Ace is constantly looking for his next big case. Whether it’s saving a shih tzu or catching a pigeon, Ace is the man for the job. So when The Dolphins team mascot, Snowball, gets dolphin-napped, he comes highly recommended and quickly begins investigating. But things take an unexpected turn when Dolphin’s star quarterback Dan Marino is kidnapped and their Head of Operations is murdered. The three crimes appear to be linked and Ace is head to head with the police. Read on for spoilers.

After following some leads that go no-where and getting to make-out with Courtney Cox, Ace ends up discovering a conspiracy that goes way beyond his usual remit. Find out how a disgraced football player, an escaped mental patient and a man disguised as a lady police chief are in fact one in the same! Dun dun dun! Honestly, I don’t know how I followed this story as a child. I think I just enjoyed watching Jim Carey jump around in a tutu and the assortment of cute animals. Those are still my favourite parts to be fair, but understanding the context a little better makes the whole thing more worthwhile. Now I not only know what hemorrhoids are, I also know that those definitely weren’t hemorrhoids!

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You can tell Carey had a hand in writing the script for this film. His stand up routes shine through, blending physical comedy with energetic dialogue that borders on the nonsensical. So why did this classic only cost me £2? I suppose DVDs had started their decline, with online streaming becoming more evolved. But that’s not it. What prompted me to purchase this film, admittedly, was the nostalgia. Giggling with my parents in the front room, quoting phrases like ‘aaaaaaaaalrighty then’ and ‘loo-oo—ooooooser’. But I also know plenty of people who would not immediately recommend this film, probably because it does not conjure such sweet memories for them. Slapstick comedy is often hit and miss, as were the nineties in general. And so it follows that Ace Ventura mistakenly found it’s way into the bargain bin…Thank god we have seen sense now! Can you say ‘special anniversary edition’???? Aaaaaalrighty then!

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is out on DVD & Blu-Ray now!

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