Passengers – First Official Trailer!

If you take two of cinema’s hottest properties at the moment and throw them together in an original looking science fiction story, you’re bound to get something spectacular. This is most certainly the case when it comes to the first official trailer for Passengers!

Starring Chris “Star Lord” Pratt and Jennifer “Mockingjay” Lawrence, as two passengers (I see what they did there) on a spaceship who are awakened from hibernation early for an unknown reason, and they must try to work out why.

The trailer itself shows lots of tension and maintains a slight whiff of 2001 about it as we are shown plenty of robotic assistance within the ship, including Michael Sheen as an android bartender!

Passengers looks to be one of the most exciting films coming this year, and a fairly original concept to boot! Even if it is little more than generic, run-of-the-mill filmmaking, the star-power of Pratt and Lawrence will be more than enough to have people flocking to this film in droves.

Passengers is out December 21st!



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